Here you may find some examples of my work. I know, it’s almost all in italian, sorry about that… but at least you will know I can write!



Easy Expo 2015 – From August 2014 to October 2015 I worked as Content Manager at Easy Expo 2015, an online English guide for tourists who are going to visit Milan and the Universal Exhibition.

Enrico Rizzi Milano – I currently manage Enrico Rizzi – Milano’s online communication, from its website to its social networks.



Il padiglione svizzero è orrendo ma ha il concept migliore di Expo 2015 (Medium) – The Swiss pavilion at the Universal Exhibition may be ugly, but at least offers an interesting point of view on the topic of the scarcity of resources.

Voglio vederti mangiareMeok-bang is a rising phenomenon in South Korea: people eat in front of a webcam, while their supporters watch them in streaming and pay for the show.

Bill Bernbach, l’importante è pensare in piccolo
– Portrait of a legend that changed the world of adverrtising with his Negative Approach.

Quando Sun-Tzu invase la Kamchatka – Following the teachings of a thousand-year old book like The Art of War to win a simple Risk game? Why not…

Sono serie ma fanno ridere – An attempt to turn uspide-down some popular drama series, converting them into comedies.

Piccoli divi, grandi talenti – A good actor doesn’t need to be taller than 5 feet: Peter Dinklage and many others proof that.

Il Trono di Spade e quei titoli di testa da re – Sometimes opening credits explain you an entire tv show.



A Milano l’hip hop è come prendere il tram – Part 1 – An in-depth insight in the milanese hip hop scene after the mainstream breakout of this genre.

A Milano l’hip hop è come prendere il tram – Part 2

Sapessi come è strano sentirsi uno Jedi a Milano – A reportage from the opening of a Star Wars themed exhibition, with professional Jedi performers (with photos).



Interview with Schmidt from New Girl

Interview with Subsonica

Interview with Cesar Millan from Dog Whisperer

Interview with Terry Gilliam

Videointerview with Michela, winner of Italia’s Next Top Model 2 Part 1 | Part 2



Il Testimone season 6Editing promo for MTV Italia

Misfits season 1 – Editing promo for MTV Spain

MTV HD su Sky – Image promo for MTV Italia

True Blood season 1Teaser promo for MTV Italia

The Yard Boutique Hotel – Copy for the Boutique Hotel’s website